Roofing Quotes aka Sifting VAT BS

I recently moved house and knew that some work was needed on a number of our roofs.  I therefore quite sensibly contacted a number of roofing companies to have them provide a quotation.  I contacted six altogether ranging from larger franchises to smaller independant companies.

As each of the companies came round to quote on the replacement of 3 small sized roofs I found most of them seemed very honest, all of them stating that our main roof was in good condition and wouldn’t need work for a number of years.

It was when we started to receive these quotes that I started to become increasingly frustrated.  We had quotes varying by £5k.  This is a pretty standard affair but sifting through all of the quotes and identifying what the actual cost was, was a minefield.

For starters one I had to verify it was in fact a quote and not an estimate as their email stated estimate.  The most expensive quote we had even forgot to include one of the roofs!  Thirdly and perhaps the most frustrating part was that over half of them were either unclear as to whether they included VAT or simply excluded it.  Now for a business looking to get roof work done this is probably a useful way to display the quote, but I was quite clearly a residential customer and therefore why would I not want VAT included.

In this modern world where people are wiser and look for price comparison and also recommendations from friends why would a company not want to provide clear, concise information.

In the end we decided to get someone in we knew and would do a far better job at a much lower price and was willing to work as a favour to us.


Dramality – AKA Bad Acting

dramIn recent years there has been an epidemic of these so called Dramality shows, supposedly a mix of drama and reality.

Whether it be the orange toned idiots of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) to the posh thick morons of MIC (Made in Chelsea) these programs are just an excuse to legitimise people who cannot act to, well act.

It’s not bad enough that our TV schedules are filled with this tripe but what really makes my blood boil is that it is creating a generation who aspire to be these imbeciles.

Allegedly some of these people have very succesful businesses, which begs the question why would you appear on this show for the small change they apparently offer if they are so successful.
They say it is a mix of drama and reality, well which is it?  Obviously each scenario I’ve seen is a clear set up that basically involves one person who is a serial cheater, confessing they have yet again cheated, or the alternative, some dimwitted creature who thinks they are going to change the behaviour of said serial cheater.

Please just stop watching these shows and then they will not produce them.

“This is just my opinion and is a tongue in cheek style,  don’t take anything too seriously! ”


Coffee May Be Hot

A woman successfully sued Macdonalds due to spilling a hot beverage over herself. 
Since then many coffee houses and restaurants now place warnings on their cups warning they may contain a hot beverage. 

Firstly in the majority of cases I’d be pretty disappointed if my coffee was served cold. 

Secondly how could they award her when she spilt it on herself. Surely  the action is transferred to her by her doing the tipping?  I don’t know many people who walk into a shop,  buy a cold drink, then throw it over themselves to cool down,  do you? 

Let these stupid people burn themselves,  that way they will learn to be a little more cautious in the future with hit beverages. 

“This is just my opinion and is a tongue in cheek style,  don’t take anything too seriously! “

Peanuts May Contain Nuts! 

The world is losing it’s ability to think. So many companies are being sued for not warning someone of the bleeding obvious that they are having to state the obvious on their packaging. 

Take Peanuts,  I realise there are people with very serious allergies to nuts which is why many schools actually ban them from pack lunches. 

However when you need to state that Peanuts “may”  contain nuts you start to wonder what moronic people are living in this world. 

Firstly, I should bloody hope they contain nuts or I’ll  sue for false advertisement. 

Secondly if you are someone who needs to be advised of this fact then maybe this allergy was all part of the world’s natural selection process and we should not interfere by warning you. 

“This is just my opinion and is a tongue in cheek style,  don’t take anything too seriously! “

Baked Beans Are Dangerous

So this is the topic which has kicked this blog off. I am a man who grumbles a lot and when things seem idiotic I feel the need to make my feelings known.

So this morning I woke as normal to prepare for my commute to work (where I currently, frantically type this blog on my tiny mobile keyboard).

As usual I switched on BBC Breakfast to catch up on the latest worldly issues. A report came up of how the advertising agency,  after receiving just 3 complaints had taken to banning a recent Heinz baked beans advert.  (BBC News Report)

Apparently these concerned citizens felt that by replicating the advert’s beats made by tapping and flipping the cans the product is sold in could put people at risk of cutting themselves on the sharp edges.

This has had so much of an impact that as well as banning this advert, it has also initiated Heinz to add a guide to replicating the advert on their site,  including helpful tips such as, clean the can and tape the sharp edges of the can to avoid injury!

Now in my opinion we are doing the human race a disservice. Any morons stupid enough to replicate this advert will lose the lesson of the pain they feel if they are stupid enough to manage to cut themselves. Which in itself if no easy feat. Also they will not learn that if you throw a container containing food,  there is a good chance it may go on the floor or on yourself.

Que the cries of “but think about the children!”.   No,  I am father and firstly a child young enough to not be expected to have some sensibility would be too young to operate a can opener. Secondly if the child is young enough and the parent gives them the can without any  protective measures taken,  then again we are allowing the world to not think and allowing morons to be guardians of children. If they are this stupid, is it not our duty to protect these moron’s offspring from the dangers of their idiotic parents?

Rant over.

“This is just my opinion and is a tongue in cheek style,  don’t take anything too seriously! ”


I am starting this blog today after seeing on the BBC breakfast news yet another event that I feel is ridiculous. My next post will cover this off.

As a now middle aged man,  father of one, I am in the prime position to rant about the world today,  things I believe are wrong,  need to change or are down right ridiculous.

Call this blog therapy for me,  I doubt there will be many of those that will get to read this but my other blog,  which is random posts,  has a few followers so I thought why not start this one to vent. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the tongue in cheek style and it will bring a smile to your face, maybe even you’ll agree and be glad someone has said what you’ve been thinking all along.

Either way I hope this interests some people,  if not it is cheap therapy for me.

Enjoy and join in with comments.