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Dramality – AKA Bad Acting

dramIn recent years there has been an epidemic of these so called Dramality shows, supposedly a mix of drama and reality.

Whether it be the orange toned idiots of TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) to the posh thick morons of MIC (Made in Chelsea) these programs are just an excuse to legitimise people who cannot act to, well act.

It’s not bad enough that our TV schedules are filled with this tripe but what really makes my blood boil is that it is creating a generation who aspire to be these imbeciles.

Allegedly some of these people have very succesful businesses, which begs the question why would you appear on this show for the small change they apparently offer if they are so successful.
They say it is a mix of drama and reality, well which is it?  Obviously each scenario I’ve seen is a clear set up that basically involves one person who is a serial cheater, confessing they have yet again cheated, or the alternative, some dimwitted creature who thinks they are going to change the behaviour of said serial cheater.

Please just stop watching these shows and then they will not produce them.

“This is just my opinion and is a tongue in cheek style,  don’t take anything too seriously! ”