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Roofing Quotes aka Sifting VAT BS

I recently moved house and knew that some work was needed on a number of our roofs.  I therefore quite sensibly contacted a number of roofing companies to have them provide a quotation.  I contacted six altogether ranging from larger franchises to smaller independant companies.

As each of the companies came round to quote on the replacement of 3 small sized roofs I found most of them seemed very honest, all of them stating that our main roof was in good condition and wouldn’t need work for a number of years.

It was when we started to receive these quotes that I started to become increasingly frustrated.  We had quotes varying by £5k.  This is a pretty standard affair but sifting through all of the quotes and identifying what the actual cost was, was a minefield.

For starters one I had to verify it was in fact a quote and not an estimate as their email stated estimate.  The most expensive quote we had even forgot to include one of the roofs!  Thirdly and perhaps the most frustrating part was that over half of them were either unclear as to whether they included VAT or simply excluded it.  Now for a business looking to get roof work done this is probably a useful way to display the quote, but I was quite clearly a residential customer and therefore why would I not want VAT included.

In this modern world where people are wiser and look for price comparison and also recommendations from friends why would a company not want to provide clear, concise information.

In the end we decided to get someone in we knew and would do a far better job at a much lower price and was willing to work as a favour to us.