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Baked Beans Are Dangerous

So this is the topic which has kicked this blog off. I am a man who grumbles a lot and when things seem idiotic I feel the need to make my feelings known.

So this morning I woke as normal to prepare for my commute to work (where I currently, frantically type this blog on my tiny mobile keyboard).

As usual I switched on BBC Breakfast to catch up on the latest worldly issues. A report came up of how the advertising agency,  after receiving just 3 complaints had taken to banning a recent Heinz baked beans advert.  (BBC News Report)

Apparently these concerned citizens felt that by replicating the advert’s beats made by tapping and flipping the cans the product is sold in could put people at risk of cutting themselves on the sharp edges.

This has had so much of an impact that as well as banning this advert, it has also initiated Heinz to add a guide to replicating the advert on their site,  including helpful tips such as, clean the can and tape the sharp edges of the can to avoid injury!

Now in my opinion we are doing the human race a disservice. Any morons stupid enough to replicate this advert will lose the lesson of the pain they feel if they are stupid enough to manage to cut themselves. Which in itself if no easy feat. Also they will not learn that if you throw a container containing food,  there is a good chance it may go on the floor or on yourself.

Que the cries of “but think about the children!”.   No,  I am father and firstly a child young enough to not be expected to have some sensibility would be too young to operate a can opener. Secondly if the child is young enough and the parent gives them the can without any  protective measures taken,  then again we are allowing the world to not think and allowing morons to be guardians of children. If they are this stupid, is it not our duty to protect these moron’s offspring from the dangers of their idiotic parents?

Rant over.

“This is just my opinion and is a tongue in cheek style,  don’t take anything too seriously! ”